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Non-destructive building diagnostics: final colloquium

Teilnehmer und Dozenten vorm GB2 © BMSD

Friday, June 24 2022, 2.15 P.M., GB II, Room 303

Poster presentation and discussion of the students' seminar papers

In cooperation with the chair "Materials in Civil Engineering" and under the guidance of Dr.-Ing. Daniel Algernon, a total of five teams have dealt with questions on non-destructive building diagnostics. You can view the abstracts and posters here:

  • Student compressive strength testing by optical rebound hammer  abstract, poster
  • Investigation of the relationship between ultrasound and compressive strength  abstract, poster
  • Impact echo: influence of the distance between impactor and sensor  abstract, poster
  • Development of an AI model using machine learning  abstract, poster
  • Fasteners - testing for hidden damage  abstract, poster