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Fakultät Architektur und Bauingenieurwesen

Nichtlineare Materialmechanik (Nonlinear mechanics of materials)


In civil engineering, a wide variety of construction materials are used, each of which exhibits complex nonlinear material behavior. In many cases, modeling as an elastic material based on Hooke's law of materials with reversible deformation under unloading is no longer sufficient. The lecture Nonlinear Mechanics of Materials compiles the essential phenomena in both mechanical modeling and numerical treatment.

Course content

  • Principles: Determinism, equipresence, local action, material objectivity, material symmetry.
  • material objectivity for stresses
  • constitutive modeling
  • formulation of Helmholtz free energy
  • material laws for elastic materials and consistent linearization
  • thermoelastic solids and consistent linearization
  • elastic-plastic solids and consistent linearization
  • viscous materials and consistent linearization

Accompanying material

Lecture materials will be made available in the Moodle workroom BMSD-NLMM.

Degree course

The course is intended for 2nd semester students of the master program Bauingenieurwesen (Civil Engineering).

Examination matters: 

WPF-Katalog Master Bauingenieurwesen, <4 09 20> (Nichtlineare Materialmechanik)