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Fakultät Architektur und Bauingenieurwesen

Tree Engineering in der Praxis (Tree Engineering in practice)


The course deals with the morphology, partitioning behavior and reaction wood formation of trees. Furthermore, possibilities for tree education as well as construction botany are presented and practically applied on the experimental field in Kamen. Essential steps for the creation of structures in tree stands will be discussed. This also includes aspects of hazard assessment and risk reduction in the construction state. Guest lectures from the field will present design planning and concrete implementation on the basis of projects. Furthermore, modeling on the overall structure including the elasticity and the ultimate load of the supporting beams will be demonstrated. This also includes modal analysis as well as practical suggestions for vibration control.

Course contents

  • Morphology of trees
  • Tree education and care: practical measures at the construction botanical pier Kamen
  • Design and planning of tree houses in practice: Tree house camp K1 Odenthal
  • Structural design of tree houses
  • Statics on the overall structure
  • Dynamic analysis and vibration control

Accompanying material

Reprint of the lecture

Degree course

The course is intended for students in the 5th semester of the bachelor program Bauingenieurwesen (civil engineering), or for students in the master program Bauingenieurwesen.

Examination matters:

WPF- Handbuch Bachelor Bauingenieurwesen, <3 09 27> (Tree Engineering in der Praxis BA)
WPF- Handbuch Bachelor Bauingenieurwesen, <4 09 30> (Tree Engineering in der Praxis MA)