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Interesting topics for bachelor and master theses are offered at any time. If a topic within our courses appeals to you, we offer individual consultation and topic assignment. Depending on your personal inclination, this can be theoretical work, the treatment of practical issues or combinations. If you are interested, please contact the members of the team Baumechanik or Statik und Dynamik .

Currently, the following topic is in the focus of our research interests and is intensively supervised by us:

"Saint Venant Warping solved with the Least Square Finite Element Method using Isogeometric Analysis" Here the method of "Least Square FEM" is combined with "Isogeometric Analysis". The Poisson equation of the protrusion is used to investigate our solution approach. The topic is intended for students who want to excel in a challenging topic related to mathematics and numerics and who are e.g. aiming for an academic career.

Completed theses and projects