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Fakultät Architektur und Bauingenieurwesen

Tree Engineering


Various aspects for assessing the vitality of trees are presented. This allows an assessment to what extent trees are stable and whether they also allow the installation of technical equipment. Furthermore, several mechanical material tests are discussed theoretically and carried out practically. This justifies a deterministic approach to the creation of mechanical calculation models. The anchoring of loads from technical installations must not endanger the vitality of the tree, which is why professional connections are discussed in depth. In addition, the adaptation of vital trees to changed or increased loads is another topic of the course.

Course contents

  • The tree as a living structure
  • Tree anatomy and growth principles
  • Examination and assessment of trees (tree approach)
  • Devices for the examination of trees
  • non-destructive testing
  • laboratory examination of green wood
  • reaction behavior of the tree by statically relevant changes
  • development of calculation models for tree statics
  • construction elements for the connection of technical facilities to trees
  • design and calculation of suitable load-bearing systems to accommodate living structures in trees

Accompanying material

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Degree course

The course is intended for students in the 6th semester of the bachelor program Bauingenieurwesen (civil engineering), or for students in the master program Bauingenieurwesen.

Examination matters: