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Fakultät Architektur und Bauingenieurwesen

Flächen- und Schalentragwerke (Surface and shell structures)


The lecture Area and Shell Structures deals with slabs, folded structures and shells as important structural elements in civil engineering. The theoretical part focuses on the field of application, the equilibrium behavior as well as on useful panels and structural methods. The load-bearing behavior of shell structures is derived from illustrative and analytical solutions. The numerical part is introduced by the programming of a bending beam, which is extended for elastic bedding. This prepares the understanding and programming of the elastically bedded slab. This can be placed in the context of commercial software used to study folded structures and shells.

Course content

  • Plate theory (Kirchhoff and Reissner-Mindlin)
  • Rotationally symmetric plate
  • Structural tables for plates (Czerny, Pieper-Martens)
  • Load rearrangement methods for plates
  • Combination of disc and plate, theory of folding
  • Shells in nature and technology
  • Definition and calculation of shell curvature (differential geometry, principal normal sections)
  • Internal forces of the shell
  • Rotationally symmetric shells
  • Membrane theory of rotationally symmetric shells
  • Bending theory of rotationally symmetric shells
  • Force magnitude methods for rotationally symmetric shells
  • Programming and application of beams, plates and shells in FEM

Accompanying material

  • Script Introduction to FEM: Beam Structures
  • Script Introduction to FEM: Structures of Planes

Degree course

The course is intended for 6th semester students of the Bachelor program Bauingenieurwesen (Civil Engineering).

Examination matters:

WPF- Handbuch Bachelor Bauingenieurwesen, <3 09 22> (Flächen- und Schalgentragwerke)