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Fakultät Architektur und Bauingenieurwesen

Sondergebiete Strukturoptimierung (Special Topics Structural Optimization)


Sensitivity analysis is an essential part of structural optimization. It computes the gradients of the objective function and constraints with respect to the design variables for the nonlinear optimization algorithms. The different approaches to sensitivity analysis will be explained and implemented in this course.

Course contents

  • Theoretical basics of sensitivity analysis
  • Algorithms for sensitivity analysis
  • Practical implementation of sensitivity analysis

Accompanying material

Lecture material will be made available in the Moodle workroom BMSD-SGSO.

Degree course

The course is intended for students of the master programs Bauingenieurwesen (civil engineering), Maschinenbau (mechanical engineering), Technomathematik (Technomathematics), Computational Mechanics and other comparable programs of the UAR universities.

The number of credits that can be taken depends on the workload of the individual study program.

Examination matters: 

WPF- Handbuch Master Bauingenieurwesen, <4 09 25> (Sondergebiete Strukturoptimierung)