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technische Zeichnung eines Baumhauses © Baumechanik Statik Dynamik

Fixing structures in trees

In order to use trees as natural load-bearing structures, their biology and morphology as well as the mechanics and statics of the entire system must be considered. This interdisciplinary task is also referred to as Tree Engineering and is intended to ensure the safe execution of structures in vital tree populations. You are welcome to read our publication on this subject:
PDF: Befestigung von Bauwerken in Bäumen mit Baumankern und doppelter Umreifung

In addition to the primary objective - anchoring technical installations in vital and sufficiently load-bearing trees - tree engineering also pursues the goals of sustainable construction and climate protection through the creation or preservation of trees, while at the same time providing living and working space. Supporting trees take on several tasks here: Foundation, support and bracing. But also other functions, such as shading the building in summer or further binding CO2, are realised by the supporting trees.

Tree surveys and statics play a special role in tree engineering. Thus, individual parameters of the tree population and the desired structure are recorded and combined as a basis for further planning. Our team offers consulting and research as well as construction supervision for structures in vital trees. This includes footbridges, platforms and living structures suitable for permanent habitation. If you are interested, please contact Simon Loske via email.