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Fakultät Architektur und Bauingenieurwesen
Statik und Dynamik 1 (STATICS AND DYNAMICS 1)

Grundlagen der Statik und Dyanamik (Basics of statics and dyanamics)


The task of static calculation is motivated and concretized. From theoretical considerations the basic elements of static systems are developed and combined. Furthermore classical procedures for statics and dynamics are discussed and deepened on the basis examples. In addition to the understanding of the subject, the intuitive procedure for solving complex problems is also taught. The considerations on dynamics focus on a thorough introduction, which is then successively expanded. 

Course contents

  • Development of structural analysis and legal aspects
  • System idealization and conventions
  • Specific load-bearing elements: cable, column, truss, beam, frame, arch
  • Deformation energy and work rate
  • The force magnitude method
  • Special load cases: Temperature, prestressing, bearing sinking
  • Check calculations with the help of structural analysis programs
  • Symmetrical structures, load cases symmetry and antimetry
  • Reduction theorem
  • Lines of influence
  • Reference systems of free and guided motion
  • Motion, velocity and acceleration of the mass point
  • Basic laws of kinetics
  • Theorem of work, potential energy and energy theorem
  • Principle of d'Alembert
  • Lagrange's equations of 2nd kind
  • Free and damped oscillation

Accompanying material

Lecture notes will be made available in the Moodle workroom BMSD-SD1.

Degree Course

The course is intended for students of the bachelor program Bauingenieurwesen (Civil Engineering) in the 3rd semester.

Examination matters: