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Sound barrier meta-structure for acoustic applications

Acoustic metamaterials manufactured on the basis of the maze-like unit cell whose dispersion relation features a wide frequency band-gap. © Max Jendrik Voss ​/​ Gianluca Rizzi

The Continuums Mechanics chair is developing a new sound barrier meta-structure for acoustic applications using metamaterials and preparing for upcoming experiments.

The new unit cell’s geometry features a wide band-gap – a frequency range for which elastic waves cannot propagate through the material – in the range of 880–2750 Hz. The project is part of the ongoing ERC-Grant META-LEGO and the samples are manufactured in collaboration with the “Modelbauwerkstatt”. The final specimen will be assembled by the “Werkstoffe des Bauwesens” chair and sent to the System Dynamics Laboratory (LTDS) at the École centrale de Lyon for the realization of the experiments.