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Bachelor Lecture Markus Waldecker

Grafik aus der Arbeit © Markus Waldecker

Mo, 08.11.2021, 16.00h

State line of bending stress under wind action in tree stand

In this paper, Markus Waldecker deals with the bearing capacity checks of tree shafts in vital tree stands (forests) in different height sections.

For this purpose, the actions from wind load, which represent the decisive load, and dead weight are determined using approximation formulas known in the literature, the courses of the cross-sectional shape over the shaft of trees are determined and the fracture stresses are investigated at the measured positions by taking small cores from the wood.

The combination of actions, cross-section values, and material parameters form the basis for performing stress checks and thus establishing a state line of bending stresses.

The presentation will take place in the meeting room at the institute, but will additionally be transmitted via zoom.